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Trying to find a future job for my kid

Trying to find a future job for my kid


Trying to find a future job for my kid

Hey! My daughter is 17 already and as all the teens she doesn't know "what she wants to be". She's good at drawing, so I suggested to look for a design college but she wants to "make money". Now, she thinks that software development is a right fit because of their salaries. I'm not sure because she was never that good in math, she always preferred creative subjects. Of course, I don't want her to be under pressure and think that I make all the decisions. How should I talk to her so that she has no hard feelings?


Re: Trying to find a future job for my kid

Hi @JasonBrenner, thanks for sharing that with us. It is definitely hard to figure out what you want to be, especially when you are young too! If you feel like it is necessary to steer her away from software development, maybe you could look up key attributes of the role and chat to her more about them? This way, you could see whether the math component of the role is something she sees as a problem. The role may be something she is passionate about and therefore she may be willing to work on her math skills.

I was also wondering if you have thought of getting her in touch with a careers counselor? Usually every school has someone in this role. There are also some tests online that you can Google, which match you with a career based on some of your attributes. It might help your daughter to find something that aligns better with her skills and interests? Smiley Happy
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Re: Trying to find a future job for my kid

That's so nice that you are carrying about your daughter and you also listen to what she wants! I think you have to talk with her, hear her opinion. I am sure she will be very happy!

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Re: Trying to find a future job for my kid

I think you need to give your child the right to choose. Don't be too hard. This is your child's life, not yours. She has the right to choose.
You can only support.
Of course it is difficult for children to choose. A lot is changing now. And then it is very difficult to look for a job without experience.


Re: Trying to find a future job for my kid

My son has always dreamed of becoming a pilot. And just recently, he got a license. It is a great happiness for me to see how my son achieves his goal. He had a dream and he did it. Difficulties were at the stage of job search. It was a pandemic period and there were few vacancies in the airlines. But I found an online resume writing service. He now works for an airline.
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