Wellbeing Wednesday 30th Jan 2019 - Connecting with the world around us

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Wellbeing Wednesday 30th Jan 2019 - Connecting with the world around us

Wellbeing Wednesday Activity - Appreciating the world around us


This week we are talking about Appreciating the world around us.


This activity will encourage you to connect with your environment, take some time to appreciate nature, and give you an opportunity to reflect back on your experience. This is a really nice exercise to share with your child, to help you reconnect after a tough day, or just for a mindful moment. 


timelapse flowers GIF


The activity...:

Step 1: Take 2 mins to walk around your environment (by environment we mean where ever you are at the moment, or a place that where you feel comfortable). Look closely around you for things you may not have noticed before. 

Step 2: Find something in your environment that really resonates with you- it might be somewhere you have found beauty, warmth or interest in something you haven't seen before, or it might be something that makes you smile. 


Step 3: Take a photo of it and post it here, or write a description of what you have found in your environment and why you were drawn to that particular thing.


Guiding principles for this exercise:

1. Remember to stay anonymous- make sure that any photos can not be identified. Please don't post photos of people Smiley Happy

2. Make sure your photo or description is your own

3. Get creative and have fun! 


We can't wait to hear your reflections!