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Boarding School Worries

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Boarding School Worries

We live rural and the only choice for high school is boarding school. This is the first week and he is struggling to settle in and fit in. I am a wreck and second guessing our choice of school. There are quite a few aspects I misunderstood or didn't even think to ask beforehand and I'm really disappointed and anxious about it all. If there is an understanding person out there that would like to listen and chat I'd be very grateful.
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Hi @BoardingSchMum,

Thanks for sharing. It must be really difficult for you to see your son struggle to fit in at his new school. Every parent wants to see their child thrive and it must be quite upsetting to be second guessing your decisions. Your son might be going through an adjustment period as he starts getting used to the new environment which is to be expected with any new siutation. It is normal to not have all the information available and it is impossible to think of every aspect of something so that you can ask about it beforehand. I know you want to make the best decision for your son and I understand why you are feeling so disappointed and anxious, considering the difficulties that your son is facing and the fact that there are aspects you have not accounted for. We do the best that we can with the information that we have at the time and sometimes there are things out of control that we could not have reasonably anticipated. 

We're here to chat if you want to include more about your situation. If you're ever finding yourself needing more support, there are services like Parent Line available which provide counselling and resources Heart