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I'm new

1. My kids are 16, 14 and 5.  hard to think off a time they made me laugh.
2. Walking if I can.
3. My 16 year old is in hospital for depression, anxiety, suicidology.  I'm not coping with looking after my family.  I feel like a failure.  I am resentful.  I am over them all.
4. Brace yourself.
5. The kids Dad is home to help with some of the load.


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Hi @abc123abc , welcome to the ReachOut community! I am really glad you reached out here for support Smiley Happy 

It sounds like you are going through an incredibly tough time at the moment. I am sorry to hear that your 16 year old is in hospital for mental health concerns. I can't imagine how devastating and worrying it has been for you to see your child go through this. How are they doing? and how are you holding up?

It's completely understandable that looking after your family while your eldest is in the hospital is taking a toll on you emotionally. Finding moments of laughter and joy can be challenging when you're faced with such difficult circumstances. Your feelings of resentment and frustration are valid, and it's important to acknowledge them.

Feeling like a failure as a parent is a distressing thought to have. It's important to remember that you're doing the best you can in a challenging situation. Sometimes, circumstances are beyond our control, and it's crucial to be kind to yourself and seek support. If you're up for a read, this article might be helpful. 

Do you have any support systems in place for yourself at the moment? It important to prioritise your own mental health and self-care, and reach out for support when you need it. Taking care of your own well-being might allow you to better support your children as well.  

You're doing the best you can in a difficult situation, and it's okay to acknowledge your own needs and emotions. I encourage you to take small steps towards self-care, seek support, and remember that you are not alone in this journey.