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I do not like my stepson and I wish he would go back to his mom's house!!!

I do not like my stepson and I wish he would go back to his mom's house!!!


I do not like my stepson and I wish he would go back to his mom's house!!!

Me andy boyfriend been together for 2 years and now have a 14 month old son together. We live in a small 2 bedroom townhouse, when we moved in we had our room and the other room was for our baby and his baby stuff so one day I'm sitting in the room with my baby who was 3 months at the time and I was 28 at the time and my boyfriend calls and say that his 18 year old son is coming to stay with us because his mom called the police on him, I agreed thinking everything was going to be fine. Before I get boyfriend work back to back through the week and is only home 2 NIGHTS out of the week he works 3 jobs. I'm thinking maybe he'll quit a job and be around more since he moved him in but no it's nothing like that. He came to the house and dropped his son off introduced us, took all my son stuff out of the room that was his at the time and made it into his grown 18 yr old room, and went back to work. His son is very dirty, every time he takes a shower he somehow leaves hair in the tub and on the shower walls, he is very sneaky, he sneaks into our room while we're not there and lurks into our stuff which is unacceptable because I'm not even his mom so why is he in my privacy???!! He drinks and eats up everything until it's gone not being thoughtful of others, even though he don't contribute or helps out at all, he's just living here freely! He does work but that's all he do! His dad let's him smoke in his room!! He takes stuff without asking for it EVEN MINE!!! He took a pair of shoes my boyfriend bought for me and let his friend wear them who he also had in the house without our permission!!! He has been caught eating out of dishes and putting them back in the dishwasher without washing them!!! He leaves ashes and stuff from smoking everywhere!!! He leaves dishes on the counter instead of putting it inside the sink!!??? Like why??? I hate to say this but him just being here with me while his dad works throughout the week is very uncomfortable for me because why is he here with his dad's girlfriend 24/7 and his dad barely at home??? Like am I tripping because my boyfriend does not understand and thinks it's okay and thinks I should be a stepmom and take him in as mine but he's 18 about to be 19!! My 14 month old is enough and the fact my boyfriend works a lot and I care for our son on my own while he works(yes I work too!!!) Is a bit too much for me to try to clean up and all that after his big old son!!! His dad had multiple talks with him about the same stuff and he is still doing the same stuff!!!!!!! I told his dad if all this continues then I'm eventually going to get my own place because I can't continue to live in my own home uncomfortable with no privacy!! The other day my boyfriend told me to put a bra and and I said no because why do I need a bra in my own house, if you feel like your son looking at me then he don't need to be here and no I did not and still don't put a bra on in my own house. The least I could do is not wear anything too revealing but if I have on a shirt why do I need a bra on?!! My son does not let his 18 yr old brother touch him at all and cries when he see him and I don't know why but it's all weird to me. It got to the point now that I cringe and get automatically upset when I come home and see that his son is here because he is taking his time here in our home for granted and the talks his dad is having with him is doing no justice
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Re: I do not like my stepson and I wish he would go back to his mom's house!!!

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Hi @Alexandria1193 


Thanks for reaching out for support, it sounds like you're having a very stressful time navigating a blended family at the moment. We have this article on that topic that you might find helpful to have a read-through. 

You mentioned that you feel uncomfortable when you are left alone with your stepson, do you feel safe around him? Do you have any any friends or family to chat to about how you're feeling?

We are an Australian-based organisation, so are limited in the referrals we can provide, but looks like GSPN might be an organisation in your area that may be able to give you some more support too.

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Re: I do not like my stepson and I wish he would go back to his mom's house!!!

You can ask for advice from your friends and family members and you can discuss these issues with your boyfriend and ask for help to intervene.

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