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My 6 Year old may have adhd

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My 6 Year old may have adhd

My son is in Kindergarten and his teacher has recommended I have him tested for ADHD. She as well as her assistant believe that may be the reason why he can't sit still for stop talking for more than 3 seconds. He has always been a really busy child and I am aware that his dad has it as well. I am fearful of my son being diagnosed and they want to put him in medicine. He is the gentlest child you can meet and wouldn't hurt a fly just extremely busy. This also causes a distraction in his classroom. I joined this forum because I do not want to feel alone but I have some fear for my child's future. Any other people have a child this young diagnosed. How has things changed since the diagnosis?


Re: My 6 Year old may have adhd

Dear mum,

I encourage you to get him tested
It's a very long journey but a necessary one. I wish I had done it before. Long story short,I have 12-year-old twins, boys, and the youngest has ADHD diagnosed last June. I had difficulties accepting medication recommendations, but now that he is taking it, it's life changer and our life is much much better. In school he passed form disrupting and having sanctions every single day to participate in class and bring out all his good ideas. He wasn't having friends and now he comes home happy because he is able to play and share with them effective time. It's a game changer. Of course it's a life time battle but, in a way, gives them the chance to see the good side of things and settle them a bit. It's still a lot to do in emotional development, lack of empathy is also an issue, but we are getting better and enjoying our time together better. I encourage you to go to the gp and ask for referral. One of the best part of the process is that, you as a mum, get lots of effective strategies and advices on how to cope everything better, strategies to settle him, which are difficult to get from somewhere else. Keep up mum, you are doing a great job, no one knows better than you how much you want to see your child enjoying life and be happy. #ReachOut for me any time. Lots of love ❤️
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Re: My 6 Year old may have adhd

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Hi @tyloveeee 

Thanks for reaching out for support with this. I think a lot of parents can relate to what your're going through with your son and the fears that come along with a potential diagnosis. Although it can be a bit daunting, exploring a diagnosis can also be a really positive thing for your son in finding support for things he may struggle with. When it comes to medication, that's still your choice and whether you decide that's the best option for your son is up to you.

ReachOut is an Australian based service designed for parents of teenagers from 12-18, so unfortunately we don't have any resources that apply to your particular situation. However, we recommend talking to your GP about your concerns as a first step. Alternatively, the Raising Children Network has some great resources on ADHD in school-aged children that might be helpful to have a read through as well.