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Re: School bullying Victoria - Taking it to the Ombudsman, share your stories here

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I would like to start that new thread, where would you suggest I do that?


I am struggling doing this alone, it is very exhausting. And just recently, I had an email response from a senior bullying advisor at the National Centre Against Bullying, stating that: 

' It's hard, when your child has been the target of bullying, not to assume that the experience is the norm .'

How rude, and presumptuous, I was dismayed that a bullying expert would use such language, and minimise a parents REAL experience with bullying in schools, by inferring that, rather than the commonplace issue it is, that I am conflating it due to my son being a victim. I found it offensive and told her so. 


That threw me off and I had to take a breather, and get back to basics, so that I can provide clear and concise advice to parents going through this at present. My goal is to empower parents and students, so they don't feel helpless and alone. During my sons schooling years, bullying has been a major topic at the schoolgate, particularly schools lax approach to it. In many instances, the bullying was reported to the school yet continued. It certainly did in my sons case too. I want to help change that.