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11 year old with suicidal thoughts

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11 year old with suicidal thoughts


11 year old with suicidal thoughts

My 11 year old daughter is presents as seemingly ‘typical’. Engages with family, friends and school. She attends after school activities willingly, plans activities with friends and family. Her behaviour and moods do not seem different i.e. eats well, sleeps, no withdrawal, no hiding in her room, no crying, etc. I acknowledge that she worries about friends and doing well. However, she has disclosed to the school chaplain and psychologist that she has suicidal thoughts. She can’t talk to me or her Dad. I see and hear one child, while being described a completely different child by the psychologist. One I do not recognise. I am so worried and completely taken aback. Has anyone else’s experienced something similar?

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Re: 11 year old with suicidal thoughts

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Thank you for sharing this with us @maryma  


It sounds like what you are going through is very difficult at the moment and we're glad that you can talk about it here. I am sorry to hear about your daughter and it sounds like a very difficult time for her, her, and her other loved ones. 


Sometimes suicidal thoughts can be very complex and I understand your confusion with her seeming “normal”. I was wondering if you would like to read some resources that may be helpful? Here is a fact sheet about teenagers and suicide and some tips for supporting your teenager as a parent.


I also want to check in and make sure that you are supported during this difficult time. Do you have any supports for yourself? (e.g. friends, other family or professional support). Would you be open to us exploring some options with you?  


There are many members of our community that have been through similar experiences. You are not alone and we're glad that you're here.