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12 year old son


12 year old son

My 12 year old son has start peeing into bottles and hiding them around the house. I'm at me wits end and don't understand why he's doing this. Can you offer any advise please
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Re: 12 year old son

Hi @Pumpkin_2009 and welcome to the forums - thanks for posting for support. 

It sounds like you're feeling pretty frustrated with this problem, and I'm curious to know if you have any more information about why your son might be doing this? 
The possible approaches to take could be quite different depending on his reasons for doing it - to offer a few possible examples of reasons why a young person might do this: they could perhaps be afraid to go to the bathroom, they might be too busy to go because they're preoccupied with an activity, they could have a UTI or similar that may mean they can't make it to the bathroom, or they could have a history of trauma that might be contributing to the issue. 

There are many other possible reasons as well - if you're not sure why he's doing it, do you think this is something you could explore with him?

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