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12 year old twins having no friends.

12 year old twins having no friends.


12 year old twins having no friends.

Hi I am anxious and have been worried for a long time regards my twins boys having no friends and now commencing high school . They were at the same primary school for pst 5 years separate classes but have not been invited to a play date , sleepover, birthday party since they were 7. They have one friend from karate and another from mums friends but have nil outside friends. They do sports, karate, acouts but have not managed to fill a friendship gap with these. I work full time so couldn't do meet parents outside classroom. I tried with other mothers form the school and we would get one play date it nil after and nil reciprocation if we did it. Any ideas how to help or do I just try and let it go but they are lonely. Thanks regards Marie

Re: 12 year old twins having no friends.

Hi Maria2,


I'm so sorry to hear you have been feeling anxious and worried for a long time around your twins social connections. 


This is actually a common concern when raising twins. Twins usually find their best connections in each other and struggle to find other connections just as strong as the one they have with their twin. They are usually their own best friends. It must be stressful as a parent because of course you want your twins to have friends and other social relationships. Continuing to encourage them to engage in social activities is probably the most helpful thing you can do.


You might also like to consider joining some mothers of twins online groups, as you may find it helpful to know you are not alone in your concerns. Are they showing or expressing any concerns about having no friends? If they seem to be content and happy, then that is also good to acknowledge Smiley Very Happy 


A support service you may find helpful is Parent Line. Have a search online to find your state contact number for the service. 


Thank you for joining the Reach Out Parents community and you are always welcome to seek additional support here too Heart

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