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14yo daughter risky behaviour

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14yo daughter risky behaviour


Firstly thank you for this platform for parents.


My daughter is 14yo, she has had 5 suicide attempts since lockdown and self harms.

I am a single mother.

My daughter is very angry and abusive, and I am at the point of not know how to protect her from harm.

Her behaviour is risky, leaving the house at night, stealing money and taking drugs.

I do not know what to do at this point.

Remove the phone.

Send her to boarding school.

I feel like I am losing my compass as a mother and losing faith in my decision making process.

I have support from my beautiful family, however my daughter has pushed away every one at the point and only connects with her friends.

Please help.


Re: 14yo daughter risky behaviour

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Hello @chasingrainbows, I am sorry to hear about what you are going through. It sounds like things have been very tough for you. It is good that you have been receiving some support from your family throughout these difficult times. Feeling like you are losing your compass as a mother must be very difficult to go through. It is really great that you have reached out for support and assistance here on the forums. You mentioned in your other post that you have taken your daughter's phone away whilst she is sleeping, does that mean that your daughter is safe at the moment? 


It must be really hard to hear that your daughter has pushed others away and only connects with her friends. Has she received any support previously? You mentioned that she had attempted suicide and has been self-harming, has she had any professional supports following this? If she is not currently seeing any professionals but would like to talk to someone about what she has been going through, there are services like Headspace and Kids Helpline that offer telephone and online counselling sessions that she might find to be helpful. 


If you also wanted to talk with a counsellor about what you are going through, Parentline offers free and confidential telephone counselling for parents and carers. I hope these are helpful Smiley Happy.