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16 yr old anger abandoned issues

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16 yr old anger abandoned issues


16 yr old anger abandoned issues

Hi i am so concerned about my 16yr old grandaughter. It started when her mother allowed a new man to move in and did not consider the affect on her daughter. Then decided to move to Melbourne with this new man of course my grandaughter did not want to go and run away i suspect to stop her mum from leaving. This man was underhanded and created tensions between mum and daughter. Mum still left. Which left me to find her and bring her to my home which I did. She has very bad anger issues and cannot control herself no matter where or when or who ever is around.
Eventually my grandaughter joined her mother in Melbourne but got into bad company and got into trouble with drugs and people which were not nice. However the boyfriend drive her out she did not feel comftable around him and in the end my grandaughter created so much stress he gave her mother an ultimatum him or her dsughter. So she lied to her daughter and to me and told her they were moving back here without him but once she got her here her mum took off back to boyfriend and has left me to pick up pieces. She has her boyfriend here and she's aggressive verbally and can't get her head around being dumped i dont no what to do but I need help to help my grandaughter. I feel like my daughter does not care about me or her daughter and im having trouble coping with all the behaviour from this event
Can anyone give me advice thankyou
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Hey @grandmother 


I can understand why you're feeling concerned. That does sound really challenging, and it must be hard to watch things unfold like that. I'm slightly confused about an aspect of your post and just wanted some clarification from you. You said that "She has her boyfriend here and she's aggressive verbally and can't get her head around being dumped" - are you talking about our grandchild or your child here? 


I'm really sorry you're going through this. It sounds like you're a wonderful grandmother and I'm sure your granddaughter really appreciates you. 


I'm not sure if you're from Australia, but if you are, it might be worth calling the helpline "ParentLine" for some support on the issue...They offer free and confidential counselling and support to parents and carers on any parenting issues they may be facing. The number for ParentLine differs per state. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see which number to call if you're interested. If you're not based in Australia, then it might be worth googling if there's something similar in your country.