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17 year older boy

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17 year older boy

Hi there,
I am Island. Thank you for everyone the commons and appreciate that. My son’s Exams fine, but he says bored at school and sometimes he skipped from school..that’s why I don't like He smoking the weed make him not concentrate at school and another things. Especially this is his last year school. I have asked him why you don't like to come home? And also asked him you don't like home or you don't like us? He told us that, his friend’s Mum letting his son smoking weed at home and no problems with his Mum... He can't.
I just not understand why some parents letting their kids do anything they want and didn't say
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Re: 17 year older boy

Hi @Island and thank you for reaching out again.


I'm hearing that you are in a really difficult situation with your son, where your son's friend's parents have very different boundaries for their children, is this correct? Do you think it would be possible to speak to the friend's parents about your son and the boundaries you have for him when it comes to drug use so they know where you stand?


I can definitely understand your concern, particularly given your son is in his final schooling years. You mentioned last week that you and your husband sat down with your son after he went out on a Friday and didn't return until the following Thursday. How do you think the conversation went? Was it helpful having this open conversation?


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Re: 17 year older boy

Hi Jess1-RO
Thank you for your comments appreciate that.
Yes, his friends parents have very different boundaries with their son...our son thinks we nagging too much, and don’t let him do this, do that. We think that’s why he doesn’t like stay home. And also our son told us everybody smoking the weed.

About speak to his friends parents
I don’t think is good ideal, because the parents letting their son smoking the weed...our son said who’s parents letting their son smoking...
Just our son’s couple tea... we are not allowed any drug ( even smoking cigarettes)in our house.
That was last week of first term he skipped the school for 3 or 4 days. Yes we sat down and had chat with our son, he told us because that weekend he went for a party( ages from 16 - 25) about 400 hundred peoples and he had few caps( which is party pill) make him brains just like butterflies so he couldn’t not come home. We told him please don’t take the party pill and also weed will ruined your life. Since that we
started more worries. The moment he doesn't want to take a driving lesson doesn't want to do anything. He comes home because of the money if he has money I don't think he will come home. We have asked close our friend said, the best way is to move away from here for a couple of months, but we can't because he still has 2 terms to go to finished school.