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Angry 15 year old boy

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Angry 15 year old boy

We have a 15 year old boy who recently has become so angry at everything. We know a lot of it stems from moving school and not finding it easy to make friends (he has not had this problem really before). He lies about conversations he has with us -always denying that he has done/said anything wrong. His relationship with his dad is troubled - they can be very alike and frustrate each other. His dad is trying really hard to be patient with him but both of us are finding it really hard to navigate. We have contacted the school and they are supportive but I also feel he wants to sabotage the situation as he wants to go back to his old school (not an option). We try to have reasonable conversations with him but he just has “outbursts” and yells and stomps off. I feel like he is unreachable at the moment and feel very lost.

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I can understand the frustration and stress this must be causing you, and I’m really sorry that the anger is being directed at you and his dad.

I’m glad to hear that the school is being supportive, do you have any other supports in place for yourself or your son? It sounds like he is having a really hard time, especially with adapting to the new school. As you indicated that he is having trouble making friends, this article may be a useful starting point.

Given that you also mentioned the difficulty in trying to navigate this, you might be eligible for one-on-one support with a professional experienced in supporting families, more info can be found here, and this article about healthy anger management might also be of interest to you.