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Anxious 16 year old

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Anxious 16 year old

I am worried about my 16 year old daughter. She has trouble focusing on school work and is starting to avoid school in general and has preferred to do online learning instead. Have tried to get her professional help for her social anxiety at the start of the year, but she just would not engage with the therapist,and tells me nothing works and that there is no point in going to a new therapist as no one can help her. I moved her to a new school last term and she is a lot more happier, but we are still experiencing the same issue where she will go for a few days and then not go and do online learning instead her reasoning being that she can't focus on her school work at school. I am worried for her as she goes into grade 12 next year.

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Hey @Dino1 

It can be so tough that your daughter is saying that nothing is working and no one can help her, it's still really great that you gave therapy a go and are clearly so engaged with trying to get her the support she deserves.  Good to hear that moving schools has helped and she is a lot happier there, have you had much contact with the school around this issue? Sometimes schools are able to offer some guidance, particularly around transitioning into year 12. 

I'm wondering if there is anything about being at school that is hindering her focus? Do you think there could be something specific about school (such as bullying or stress around workload) that is getting in the way of her wanting to go?

I understand that she doesn't want to engage with a therapist again, could she maybe be interested in other modes of support like phone/webchat counselling? Kids Helpline and eheadspace might be options for her to try if remote support interests her as they both offer telephone and online counselling services. She might even like to have a look at our Youth Forums where she can connect with other young people who have experienced similar issues. These forums are moderated 9am-11pm and are completely anonymous. 

Let us know how you get on Heart