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At a total loss

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At a total loss

Hi All,

I am at a total loss what to do. In Summary Miss 15, self harmer, depression and anxiety. A number of compounding factors contributing. She has been in some form of therapy since she was 5 years old starting with group sessions for children of separated families and moving into one on one sessions. In most recent years involvement with headspace, CAHMS, school councilor and psychologist. 

Miss 15 has been provided with tools, safety plans, strategies over the years. All which she either doesn't do or they are short lived. To add to this she is supposed to be taking Vit D, Iron and Vit B and multivit. All recommended by the GP and dietitian after blood tests. She doesn't have the best eating habits so her weight is being monitored too. 

I am struggle to get her to take the supplements she needs. She knows that will assist in improving her energy mood and daily functioning but she will not take them consistently. She is not on any prescribed medication (yet). She will not swallow tablets. 

I am finding myself getting frustrated as when she does take these we start to see improvements and then it all stops and falls apart again. It so inconsistent! 

How do you encourage your teen to implement the strategies suggested and to take the required supplements?

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Re: At a total loss

Hi @beetlemum,

Thank you for sharing. It sounds like your daughter has a lot of support and has been linked in with several services over the years. It is really great that she has been able to exposed to all different kinds of tools and strategies, even if they were short lived as you say.

I am really sorry to hear that you are in this situation and feeling quite frustrated at what is going on. I don't blame you, teenagers can really struggle with implementing strategies so please know that you aren't alone.

Do you know what stops her from taking the tablets? You could try to fill out a decisional balance matrix to help her visualise the improvements and consequences. It might also help to get her to contexualise what the improvements mean for her - what does she notice when she takes the tablets? This might help to increase her motivation to take them.

Please feel welcome to keep us updated if you identify any helpful strategies Smiley Happy