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Bringing my autistic daughter to a GP.

Bringing my autistic daughter to a GP.


Bringing my autistic daughter to a GP.

My daughter has type 3 autism. She hates going to appointments because they make her nervous.

Recently she has developed symptoms of vaginal infection and I want to bring her to our GP. Obviously, she feels embarrassed and doesn't want to go.

How can I make this easier on her while still getting her checked out? If she doesn't want to do something I can't make her go. She is my height, I couldn't drag her to an appointment if I wanted to. 

This is a problem because she does hit and scratch at herself when she's overwhelmed. I feel so stuck!


Re: Bringing my autistic daughter to a GP.

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Hi @pineapple 

Thank you so much for reaching out, and I can understand how difficult and stressful this must be for you. It must be so tricky when you have so many concerns in place, whilst also trying to manage the distress that your daughter experiences.

I'm wondering whether your daughter may not want to go because she doesn't like that particular GP? I'm also wondering whether calling a home doctor may be most appropriate as she may feel safer in her own space? Would this be an option, and can I ask what professional supports you currently have in place?

If you're not already in contact with them, Parentline may be a good resource and support for you. 


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