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Exam and driving test anxiety

Exam and driving test anxiety

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Exam and driving test anxiety

Hi my son appears to get anxiety attacks when he’s doing exams and more recently his  p driving test. He has failed 3 times and each time he’s been so distressed and depressed after it he’s not even keen to even try again . He won’t talk about it either. He’s a great student and gets top marks all year but when he does exams he doesn’t do near as well. 
Also he’s been trying to get a job and has been knocked back so many times he’s given up says no point trying it’s not going to happen and its not fair his friends all get them first pop. I encouraged him to physically take his resume to our local supermarket well he got that upset doing it he was yelling at me and being extremely aggressive  verbally he was like a completely different person. After he did pull himself together to go in it was like he was absolutely mentally exhausted when he came out ,  it was back to normal, nice again .

He finds it hard to make friends and feels not many kids at school like him . We constantly fight , he’s very selfish and plain rude. I am undeserving of this I feel,. Small things set him off like I often can’t hear what he’s saying. He tells me I am dumb a lot .


I would do anything for him and often do, he’s just so ungreat full I wonder what I have raised most days .😥



Re: Exam and driving test anxiety

Hey @pattygirl1715 


It sounds like both you and you son are going through a bit of a hard time. It definitely sounds like your son is feeling quite distressed, especially with his recent anger outbursts and if you've noticed that he's visibly anxious.


It's unfortunate that he's failed his P test three times. I imagine that would be hard for him to cope with. Do you know what he did that made him fail? Has he received enough training/practice?




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