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How should I feel

I don’t know how I should feel, some help please.

My child has wanted a nose piercing, for over a year. Went to vist her father and come back with a nose piercing. She is 12. Even though I have previously spoke with the both of them I would like to wait till she is 14yo to get her nose done. We have spoken about it several times.

I’m very disappointed and feel she has gone behind my back. I’m not against piercings but had concerns regarding keeping hygiene up to make sure it doesn’t get infected. She can’t wear earrings because they keep getting infected.

What type of repercussions for this should take place? I don’t want to feel like she needs to go behind my back, but I want their to be respect in our relationship.

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Hi @Lostmaria and welcome to our community!


I'm sorry to hear that your daughter went behind your back and got a nose piercing, even after you expressed that you wanted to wait. I can only imagine how hurt you must have been to find out that this had happened, especially since you had spoken to both of them about it several times. I was just wondering if you have had a chance to sit down with your daughter and expressed how this has made you feel?


If you are up for some reading, the Raising Children Network has this article about teenagers and piercings that might be worth having a look at. We also have a free one-to-one parent coaching service if you would like to talk things through with someone. 


Please remember that we're all here for you and we would love for you to keep us updated with how you're going.