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I’m done parenting in this day and age

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I’m done parenting in this day and age


I’m done parenting in this day and age

I just can’t take it anymore I have an adopted son whom we know we took from a bad situation. But lately now that he’s almost 17 he doesn’t care about anything or anyone. And because of the way things are in society there’s nothing I can do without getting into trouble. He has been openly physically violent with my elderly mother-in-law who lives with us and my wife who cannot physically challenge him.

When I have reached out in the past to law-enforcement and psychological assistance he has accused me of physically abusing him which I have never done. Because of this I was under investigation by child protective services for four months I truly am at the end of my rope and I have no idea what to do.

He openly does whatever he wants without fear of any sort of retribution comes into my personal space destroys my personal things and there’s nothing I can do. I’m tired I’m exhausted and most of all I’m angry and I’m starting to get afraid of what I am going to do.

Here in Washington state there’s nothing I can do I can’t force him to get help I can’t force him to see a psychological professional and the last one he agreed to go see he manipulated and had them wrapped around his finger. I truly am afraid for my family and I hope that the desperation and frustration is very present in this post.

I’m begging for help because it’s all I can do.

Re: I’m done parenting in this day and age

Hello @Sotiredsohurt , I am sorry to hear about what you and your family have been going through lately. It sounds like things have been really tough for you. It is a shame to hear that your son has behaved violently towards your wife and mother-in-law, it must be really hard to manage that. It also sounds like it was really tough for your family when child protective services were involved. Were they able to support you in any way, such as by referring you to some other services that might help? It sounds like you care a lot about helping your son as you have looked into getting him some professional help. It does make it tough that he has been unwilling to get some genuine support.


Do you know of any services in your area that might be able to support you through this? We are a service located in Australia and so cannot provide you with relevant services, but would encourage you to seek out parenting support services local to you. Also just wanted to let you know that we have sent you an email, so please have a read when you get a chance Smiley Happy