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Issue with school

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Issue with school

My child has a history of anxiety, mental health, trust issues and ptsd from behaviours and incidents involving teachers. He was a popular kid at school.
Feb 23 - Child was accused of doing something he didn't do by a teacher. Teacher refused to discuss the matter and was proceeding to report child to office (another child was vaping in class and teacher insisted it wad my child - it was not). My child does not vape - his veteran grandfather was in the midst of battling terminal lung cancer.
Feb - child was immediately suspended. School called cops to say child was committing wilful damage - He was not. No staff member was physically touched or verbally threatened.
March - child was expelled / excluded from school
- an appeals process was started which was a nightmare in iitself and it was found 3 months later that the school should have just suspended him
- when the school was advised that child was returning they called in the union. The principal went on sick leave (and still is) and about 50-60 union teachers bought about a directive to refuse to supervise and instruct child based on health and safety grounds.
- it is important to note that prior to his return to school we had already had one human rights conference and also basically rail roaded into mediation with the school itself
- specialist staff were bought in to supervise child in the playground (approx 1m away at all times and would wait outside the toilet if he needed to go). One even threatened to call the cops on him when he did not immediately go to class when the bell rang.
- child was told he could only access 2 areas in the playground.
- child was not allowed to attend classes with his peers
- human rights action was commenced to stop the directive (the teachers kept it going for 4 months until they dropped it within 30 minutes of the Human Rights Conference starting)
- my child was assaulted at the school on the last day of his attendance because "you can't do anything about it or you'll get excluded". Teaching staff made him an easy target
The school has now bought back a deputy principal that was part of the initial wrongful action against my child. Mt child will not attend school. He has no marks for Year 9 due to missing so much school while the appeals process was actioned and when the teacher action got to much. He did not attend last term of 2023 at all. He has not done any school work.

The actions and behaviour of teaching staff have left him depressed and not having a pathway in life. How do I get a child back to school when there has been so much trauma inflicted by adults? Child trusts no one. All the school keep saying is put him in alternative schooling but that becomes a big time issue for me getting there and back. I'm completely at a loss as this has been going on nearly 12 months. It has already destroyed my business

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Hi @kd1981 ,

Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry to hear about your child's experience at school. It is understandable that your child is refusing to return to school after having such a traumatic experience. I am wondering if your child has any professional supports like a psychologist or counselor? You also might be interested in connecting your child to Kids Helpline or Headspace, who both offer free phone and online counselling service for young people. 

I can also hear how difficult this has been for you considering it has destroyed your business and been ongoing for almost 12 months. I'd like to know what you have been doing to take care of yourself through all of this? I recommend visiting Parentline if you require additional support as they can provide you with counselling and suggest services near you. Here at ReachOut we also have a free coaching service for parents, which you can find here if you are interested. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.