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Moving back to OZ

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Moving back to OZ

I have a 15 yo turning 16 yo in 2024. 

We are currently in Hong Kong but planning on moving back to Australia to help my son find something he might be interested in doing instead of the normal academic schools. He is not interested in the normal school academics. He is however interested in Computers and creating games etc.. He thinks he can make a living from that.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

A brief run down on what has been going on since moving to Hong Kong in 2019 December . 

My family moved from Australia back in 2007 to Singapore for 11 years, My son was born in Singapore but is an Australian. 
We then moved from Singapore to Manila for 3 years.
Again, we moved from Manila to Hong Kong in 2017. All due to my husband's job relocation. 

My son found it difficult to cope. Then Covid hit, then school refusal, addiction to online gaming, then claims of bullying at school. We withdrew him from an international school here in Hong Kong and enrolled him in the International Tuition Centre which would give him GCSCe qualification but again, he refused school. 

For now, we took away his laptop, and modem, he has been at home doing nothing since Sep 2023, just constantly on his mobile. 

I would like to find out from this Reachout Forum what are his/our options in Victoria Melbourne. We intend to head back in a couple weeks to check out our options but would love to hear from anyone who has similar experiences. 

Thanks so much in advance. 

kind regards,

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@tjacque88 welcome to the forums, I am so glad you've found this space to get some support for you and your son. It sounds like it's been a very difficult time, full of upheaval and uncertainty. I hear that you are concerned about your son's mental health, as well as his future. I can imagine it is very difficult to see him so disengaged and disinterested, and it's understandable that you are quite worried. 

It might be helpful for your son to get some mental health support. If he is open to it, a good place to start might be with Headspace, who offer mental health support to young people. They even have online support via eHeadspace that he may be able to access before you move to Victoria.

School refusal is not an uncommon issue that many parents face. It can be very confusing and disheartening to see it unfold. We have some resources that could be helpful for you, to give you some insights into what might be going on, and some things to try. 

School Refusal and Teenagers

Things to Try

Practical Strategies

Stress and Teenagers


We also have some resources that could help when it comes to his gaming addiction and his spending so much time online:

Help your teenager take a break from technology

Playing the gme when it comes to screen time limits

Connect to your teen through gaming

I hope this gives you a place to start, and of course we are here to support you through this journey as best we can, especially during the adjustment period when you move. Let us know if there's any other ways we can support you or provide further information to help you navigate the path forward for you and your family.