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My daughter has depression


Re: I think my 17 year old son has depression

For the past 6 months, my 17 year old son has been showing all the signs of depression. He has a difficult time falling asleep at night, his mind is restless. Than he is unable to wake up and always wants to stay asleep. He could sleep the whole day. His grades have declined. Once a high honor roll kid, now 1.5 gpa. He won’t go to school. Declines invites to hang out with friends. Secludes himself in his room gaming. I try getting feedback from him but he gives me little. We’ve always been close, but I feel like he doesn’t understand what this is he is feeling or if he even notices what it is. I’m worried, scared and love him so much. I just don’t know where to start in helping him.
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Re: I think my 17 year old son has depression

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Hi @Aria43, I think it is amazing that you have identified that your son is going through a hard time at the moment. That takes a lot of effort and often we can experience denial, shock and sadness during this process. Have you spoken to him about how he has been feeling? We are an Australian based service and so cannot recommend specific services for you. However, we do have a list of services that may be appropriate here. You are still of course more than welcome to use our forums and receive amazing peer support Heart Do you have a doctor you can visit that will then refer your son to a psychologist? 

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Re: I think my 17 year old son has depression

I'm so sorry for what you are going through. It is DEVASTING, i know as things have gotten worse for me..
Do you have a good DR? OUR Dr of 20yrs is a godsend. We have tried different medications over the years and finally seem to have the one that fits. Also seeing a pyscologist is good when they can find one they feel.comfortable with.. Can i also recommend that u look.after YOU too. I have started seeing a pyscologist as I'm not ashamed to admit that at times i lose my temper with my girl..
I think you should see a Dr to begin with.
Please keep me updated it's a long difficult journey. It's so sad how they feel empty.. Take care.
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Re: I think my 17 year old son has depression

Hi Aria43,


Reading your post was like reading my own.  I am so sorry you and your son are going through this, it has been very difficult for myself and my 17 yr. old daughter.  She started down her dark path in middle school, when she was 12, but I didn't find out until she was 16.  How could I have not known... I ask myself that all the time.  She was hurting herself physically, and it makes me cry every time I see her scars.


Because I didn't understand what was happening at first, things were very tense between she and I a couple of years ago.  We used to be so close, she was my "mini-me" and my best buddy, we were always talking and sharing, had each other's backs.  I was a single mom with her, and her father was very abusive, all we had was each other.  So when things started going downhill in our relationship it only made things worse.  I had her with counselors, only to find out they did not share with me her cutting herself, I was furious with them.  My daughter was the one who finally told me, it was like I had been lying on a warm beach and someone dumped a bucket of ice water on me.  Everything froze for a few moments, and a major shift in my mindset occurred.  I thought she was just being lazy and defiant, but now I had the full frightening picture.


Since then we have relied on our family doctor, who has been a wonderful help, and her school counselors and family.  I feel we are on a roller coaster, we will have good days and then some bad, but some things have gotten better, she is no longer hurting herself.  She has withdrawn from high school, is working with the school district taking courses at a community college.  She will no longer take any meds, not even vitamins that help with her sleeping and moods.  She says she hates pills, doesn't like how the meds make her feel.  But she seems a little happier now, and I'll take any small improvement in a heartbeat.


I'm not sure, but I think it helps her that I won't give up, that I still ask her to talk to me, tell me what's going on.  I stress with her it's about trust, we can't lie to each other.  She must be truthful with me, no matter how concerned she is with my reaction.  And I let the waves pass over me, knock me around, but I get back on my feet and stand strong for her.  That's all I can do when she refuses everything else.  She will be 18 in a few months, I can't make her do anything she doesn't want to, and I can't protect her from much anymore.  So, all I have is our relationship.  Keep that strong if you can, I feel that's the one safety line our child can rely on.  They need to know we are there for them no matter what.  Not an easy road for either of you.  Again, so sorry you are both going through this.

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Re: I think my 17 year old son has depression

Hi @Aria43 I'm sorry to hear that your son has depression. I think the suggestion of some local supports and starting with your GP would be helpful. Is there a school counsellor available that he could chat with? How are you looking after yourself during this time? Heart

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Re: I think my 17 year old son has depression

Hi @lovealways8 thank you for sharing your story. I can only imagine how difficult it was when you found out your daughter had been self-harming. I'm sorry to hear that her father was very abusive, that must have been a very challenging and frightening time. It's great to hear that she has been receiving support from the doctor, counsellor and family. That is wonderful news that she is no longer hurting herself, you are doing an amazing job being there for her Heart I hope you get a chance for some self-care also.

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