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My daughter is sneaking out at night

My daughter is sneaking out at night

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My daughter is sneaking out at night

My daughter has recently been caught smoking pot, hosted a party at her dads place while he was away and is now sneaking out when he is asleep. Threats don’t seem to bother her now and she just argues then takes off. She is 14 and we are stuck what to do as we have totally lost all respect and control of her
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Re: My daughter is sneaking out at night

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Hey @Taylor 


Sorry to hear that you're going through this at the moment, I can imagine it has been quite shocking and unsettling to find out about this and I'm really feeling for you Heart


I understand conversations have become really tricky but I want to share with you this piece of content on talking to teenagers about drugs. It has some great tips about opening up the conversation around why a young person might be partaking in drugs and how we can support them through this. I hope you find some of the information in it to be helpful. 


It is really tough when consequences don't seem to be working, I hope some other parents are able to jump in and offer some guidance, you certainly aren't alone - have you been able to chat to any other parents about what you're going through?

We have this interactive tool that might be an idea to have a look at. The tool is all about negotiation and compromise, and has videos of different scenarios with options for responding, I hope you find it to be helpful. 

I am also wondering if there is anyone else in her life that might be able to have a chat to her, sometimes its hardest to have conversations with people we're closest to and we can be more open to hearing from outside parties. Is there maybe an aunt/uncle or teacher or family friend that might be able to have a conversation with her about these worries?



Re: My daughter is sneaking out at night

Apologies, that you have to tolerate this from a 14 y.o, needless to say my house experienced that once.
My daughter not long was caught sneaking out, due to shame, guilt and I’m sure embarrassment she stayed gone, once she return I had the sheriff office pick her up in handcuffs and take her. It seemed to have worked up until I disciplined her for another reason not related and it caused her to leave the house and stay gone for 4days. This seems to be in the air going around. Not sure if you are a praying family but, try prayer and cleansing her bedroom with sage getting rid of all the bad energy she could have possibly picked up from others. Also, try and follow her if your comfortable with that.
I pray this behavior stops sooner than later and she confesses what the deal is. Please family be patient and try not to yell it will on give her a reason for why she makes the choices she’s making. Keeping you all in prayers.

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