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My son think he has low self esteem

My son think he has low self esteem


My son think he has low self esteem

Hi! I am new here. Just found this page after hearing from my 13 year old son that he is sometimes lonely in school. We already agreed before that whatever he has in mind and whatever his feelings are, he can always tell me and i that i am always here to listen. He is a kind, funny, smart and honest kid, though i feel he is introvert in some way. There are times he wanted to spend his time alone. He does approach other kids in school but he thought they do not approach him that much. He doesn't have any one to be considered as constant friend or companion in school. This makes him lonely and starting to think that maybe there is something wrong about him. I am now worried and i want to help him not to develop any negative thoughts about himself. I want him to be confident about himself and be happy.

Re: My son think he has low self esteem

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Hello @WorryWartMe, sorry to hear that your son has been having some issues with low self esteem lately. That must be a really challenging situation for both him and yourself. It sounds like you have been really been really supportive of your son and his needs so far, which is awesome. I can understand your desire to see your son be happy. We have some articles around managing self esteem that you might find to be helpful. Here is one and here is another one. I hope that you find them to be informative and that your son feels confident and happy again Smiley Happy

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