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My stay at home babies momma is a problem

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My stay at home babies momma is a problem


My stay at home babies momma is a problem

While im technically still with my babies momma, we are basically roomates at this point. Ive taken on 90% or more of the money making because shes always claiming shes too tired to give the babies a clean place. At first i was working 4 days and staying with the kids 3 days while she worked 3 days and was with the kids 4 days a week. She couldnt keep up with any chores so i dropped her to 2 days of working. I did this because she says work is too hard and shes too tired to take care of the house and babies. Then at a 2 day work week (4 hours tops each day) she says shes too tired to housekeep well. So i said screw it im ready to work as much as i need to to provide for them given shes doing what she needs to to give the babies a good clean place they deserve to live. So now im making nearly 1100 a week and asking her to work 1 day of 3 or 4 hours just to add to the paystubs. She has these kids in a cespool almost every day laying on the couch neglecting her responsibilities. Then i get home,tired from the day, and pick up the slack. Shes taking advantage of my willingness to bust my **bleep** for my family more and more everyday. She is never ready to be useful until MAYBE 5 pm each day. That means shes in bed, under the covers until 4 pm until she puts her makeup on. Now shes saying she wont take our kids to the park or feed him when im home because she doesnt want to help me. Im at a loss, i have no energy and i hate my life in everyway except for my kids. I tell her a lot to clean like cps is coming over. Because if cps did see the way she has the house while im at work we WOULD have a problem. Thats never enough. Nothing is

Re: My stay at home babies momma is a problem

Hi @Anonuseraz 


This sounds extremely difficult for you and the whole family. I think it's really good you chose to open up about your concerns for your family and it sounds like you work really hard to ensure everyone is well and happy. 


From what you're saying here it does sound like the mother of your children may be experiencing some difficulties with her mental health. Staying in bed until the late afternoon and reducing what she is able to manage around the house are two very strong signs that she could be struggling. Do you think that it might help the overall situation for your kids and you, if she was to seek out some support? 


In the meantime, we are happy to chat through how this is making  you feel and some ways you might be able to approach the situation so there is a good outcome for your whole family. 


I just wanted to let you know that our service is catered to young people between the ages of 12-25 years old. If your children are under that age bracket I would be happy to have a look to see what other supports may be available to you, to ensure the information is relevant to your children.