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Parenting disagreements

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Parenting disagreements

I’ve been divorced four years and it was a contentious court battle. My now 16 yo wants to live overseas with family (dual citizen), I’m willing to let her try, but her father is a firm no. Given she’s 16, can he stop her? He believes he can just order me to order her around.

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Welcome to the parents and carers online community @Jade321. Thank you for trusting us with what's been happening for you. 

Going through a contentious divorce and maintaining a co-parenting relationship can be incredibly difficult. I can hear you are trying to support your child and to do right by them which is really challenging when you and her father have different wishes. Do you have any support around navigating your coparenting relationship? I also wonder if your daughter feels comfortable explaining to her dad the reasons she wants to move overseas as she done has with you?

While ReachOut is unable to provide specific legal advice, so if you're needing advice, you could check out Victoria Legal Aid Help Chat or Phoneline, and they also have a page about parenting arrangements, which you might find helpful. There is also the Family Relationships Advice Line which offers referrals and advice for families affected by separation. Youth Law Australia also has information about the laws surrounding moving out of home when under 18, which you can find here.

I hope you find these resources helpful and the community to be a supportive and safe space