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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

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Hi @mugs1170 ,


I'm so glad that you found this space. I hope that it can be useful for you, there's a lot of parents that have been through what you're going through with your daughter. Supporting a child who's living with mental health challenges can be really challenging for parents, and it's wonderful that you have reached out here. 


I'm not sure if you've had a chance to check out the resources on the site yet, so just thought I would link to the landing page here It's full of resources for parents, and has some really useful sections on helping your child when they are experiencing acute mental health episodes, as well as shared stories from parents who have been there. 


I hear your concern about your daughter adjusting back to home life after an inpatient admission, I think you're really wise to be planning ahead for this now - you're right, Christmas in particular can be a challenging time, especially when someone we love is recovering from a period of being unwell. You sound like an incredibly caring and empathetic mum, and your daughter is really lucky to have you in her corner. 


In terms of practical support, have you discussed the practicalities of the support she will be given after discharge with her treatment team? She may be linked in with community mental health services in your area as appropriate after discharge, and your GP may also be able to help with finding a psychologist who can give you medicare rebates if that's something that would be helpful. Having support for you as a family is also really important, and I'm glad that you're reaching out here. 


I also just wanted to make you aware of this coaching service for one on one professional support, if you think that might be helpful for you?


The forums are a wonderful space for advice and support, but if you feel like you'd benefit from some one on one professional support, this is one other service that's available. 


Thanks so much again for reaching out here, I hope this community can be a safe space for you as you support your daughter through the transition back to life at home. We are thinking of you, and are here if you need to chat Heart