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Hi, thanks for your advice.  Atlhough he is struggling with some things, the school counsellor doesn't feel he needs medication. This was put into his head by a doctor who really hadn't listened to any of his problems but offered medication straight away.  This I dont agree with.  We have our ups and downs, more ups then down.  He is a very high achiever and I really feel that if he started taking medication and having the ups and downs that go with that, or finding that medication doesnt fit with him, this would cause more anxiety and panic during exam time.  I keep a very close eye on him as does the school where he is very much valued.  I am definitely not saying he cant or doesnt need medication I just feel now is not the right time for him

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Re: Really struggling

It can be so tricky to know the best way to support our kids @mbomb

I'm hearing the concern you have about him using meds, especially if you feel they're not warranted at this stage. And don't forget, your opinion holds weight too. Whenever someone makes a decision like this, especially a young person, it's ideal to have everyone on the same page. Including at least two health professionals.

So you have the school counsellor saying no but the GP saying yes. Is the counsellor he speaks to the school counsellor? If so, maybe getting the opinion of a psychiatrist is a good next step.


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Re: Really struggling

Hi @mbomb glad to hear that your son has had more ups than downs, and that his school values him so much. Going on any medication (whether it be for a physical or mental illness) is such a big decision and shouldn't be taken lightly.  @Ngaio-RO has a great recommendation about getting an opinion of a psychiatrist.  I would enquire if the school counselor is a trained medical professional / doctor otherwise they should really refrain from giving medical advice.  


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Re: Really struggling

Hi @mbomb I wanted to check in and see how things have been?  You were really struggling in your original post, hope things have been a bit better for you and your son.

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