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I am a recently separated parent and my child is failing his school work
Most recent comment was “basically non attempt” 2/20 for English
I try to talk about how to improve for next time by taking note of the teacher comments and working on them but he becomes all sad and says he is trying and he hates school
I have even gone down the path of financial reward for improvements

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Hey @Mdi0170,

I’d like to start off by welcoming you to ReachOut’s Parent and Carer community. I also want to thank you for sharing what you’ve been experiencing with your child. I can hear that you’ve recently separated from your partner and I imagine this loss has been incredibly overwhelming and painful for you and your child. I am curious to know if you have the support of family and friends as you navigate this new chapter of your life? I am also interested to know what you have been doing to cope with all that’s happened?

If you might be interested, we have some resources on separation and divorce, and this one on single parenting which may be validating and informative. They include a number of individual articles that can be helpful for you regarding support for yourself and how you might be able to support your child during and after a separation.

I can see how taxing it would be for you to be trying anything you can, including financial benefit, to encourage your child to engage in their school work. Sometimes talking to the school about what is going on with your child can be really helpful. Have you had the chance to speak to the school about the changes in the home and the struggles with school work? This article on helping your teen who is struggling with school could be useful for you as it explores some of the ways you can support them through some school based challenges.

I also want to reiterate the importance of taking care of yourself as going through a recent separation would be incredibly difficult and seeing your child going through a tough time would also be heartbreaking to witness. I am wondering if you and your child are seeing a professional for support like a psychologist, counsellor or GP?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!