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Snapchat concerns

We are quite concerned regarding our 13 almost 14 yo daughter.
She went through a very rough first year of high-school last year. Severe bullying in a private school led us to withdrawing her and enrolling her in our zoned public highschool.
Aftee everything she has endured we have always said no to Snapchat. We have talked about our concerns with this app and while she wasnt happy she seemed to accept our reasons.
We have found out tonight that she has defiantly added this app and in particular one person who was physically violent to her brother and other friends. His mother is also very intimidating and we know her capabilities.
We were so happy that she loves her new school and has made friends however concerned that she has joined Snapchat to fit in and accepted people as friends on the app she doesnt know.
Shes been very disrespectful, laughs in my face and backchats. Everything i do seems to backfire.
Please help.


Re: Snapchat concerns

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Hi @Anxious_Mum77 and welcome to the forums

I'm really sorry to hear about the bullying your daughter went through - I imagine that must have been so hard for her, and for you to see it happening. 

I'm glad she loves her new school and that she's made new friends.


That sounds tough re: the conflict over Snapchat.

Just in case it's helpful, we have some articles about social media use on our website here, and there is a Parents Guide to Snapchat here that has some helpful tips about things like privacy settings, using Ghost Mode and other ways to improve the safety of young people using the app.


I hear that you want to keep your daughter safe, and it must be hard to see that desire come into conflict with her priorities - i.e. how important Snapchat seems to be to her right now.
I noticed you said she is using Snapchat out of a desire to fit in... I'm wondering if there are any other needs you think Snapchat might be meeting for her at the moment? 

Do you think there are any other ways she might be able to work on meeting those needs so Snapchat might seem less important? 


I was also wondering what it is about Snapchat that's worrying you most and whether there's any way to reduce your concerns? eg. If your daughter might be open to discussing ideas for using Snapchat in a safer way.

If you'd like to talk about it some more, we're always here, or we also have a one-to-one parent coaching service in case you'd like to connect with them. 

Please keep us updated with how things go.