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Son is lonely

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Re: Son is lonely

How Is your son doing now?
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Re: Son is lonely

My son is dealing with the same issues in his school.
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Re: Son is lonely

Hey @Marty1, welcome to our forums Smiley Happy Do you want to tell us more about what is going on for you and your son? 

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Re: Son is lonely

My son is in 8th grade middle school. My son has so called friends. However, the boys he hangs out with tend to shun him during class. Example: when class and when the teacher instructed them to partner up, my son invites one of his friends to work together and they’ll no and go work with another person. He feels betrayed by these boys who are so called friends. My son has missed a lot school because of not feeling a part of the school. He asks me if there is something wrong with him and that is heartbreaking. Of coarse I tell him no and that maybe he needs confront his friends to see what is going on or try to make other friends. I don’t remember kids being this ruthless and mean when I growing up. What has happened to our society.
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Re: Son is lonely

Hi @Marty1,


It must be heartbreaking for you watching your son go through this. Does he have a school counsellor or a trusted teacher that he can talk to? It sounds like he is very comfortable opening up to you, which is great! The teenage years can be up and down as they try to build their identity and find their place in the world. Friendships can quickly come and go too, so a stable homelife/parent he can talk to is so important!


Do you also have some support around you and people you can talk to about this?


- Hayley R/O

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Re: Son is lonely

4 years later.. I saw your post and wondered how your Don is now at 18? My daughter is 16 and struggling the same way now

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