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Son left with his dad

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Son left with his dad

I already made a post but I forgot to mention that I left the dad after 16 years of abuse he loved of me thereafter we moved for a better promising life which was a lie it was just to take me away from everyone as I was caring fir my sick ailing dad and my mom had passed so here we are he continued to abused me so I left him although we were not fully together but trying but he would call my son all the time to check I what time I went to be woke up what I was doing etc he manage to rotten my sons head where he finally left with him thinks I abandoned him he is 15 now where he was 12 and left the judge has skipped all messages voicemail where he treating to kill me calling me names like **bleep** etc so he got arrested. All this was not acknowledged my son doesn’t want me the judge refuse to listen he is using my son as a pawn to hurt me I am completely destroyed that’s what they do now. Ext court date January they are about to give him custody I don’t know what to do just cry and cry i was always with him took him everywhere please any insights
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Re: Son left with his dad

Hi Mizbluez,


I am so sorry to hear about the custody issues you are having between your ex and yourself at the moment. It sounds like this is a very distressing and complex situation involving verbal abuse and court orders.


How have you been coping with the stress of this?


Is there anyone that you trust that you have been able to talk to about this?


Have you considered reaching out to any support groups in your area for single parents?


Some online and offline parental support groups could provide some amazing insights into their own experiences with custody hearings and mixed family situations.