Stress about the Future: How to help your teen

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Stress about the Future: How to help your teen

Special Discussions: Young people are stressed about the future. How can you help your teen?


The future can be equal parts exciting and scary for teens (and parents!). With growing independence comes stress around making decisions, and uncertainty of what the future will look like. 


Young people tell us that the pressures to make decisions and uncertainty about the future is one of the biggest stressors they experience. From a changing workforce where career pathways are less linear, pressure to choose a career out of school, concerns for the financial future and worry about the future of the planet… there are a lot of concerns young people have about their futures.

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Over the coming weeks, we will be unpacking the stressors your kids might be facing, why young people might be stressed about the future, and what parents can do to help.


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Re: Stress about the Future: How to help your teen

Part 1: What are young people stressed about and why?


To start, here are some of the key issues from our recent discussion of future stress on the youth forum!



What are young people telling us they are stressed about?

Finding a job.PNG






[I am stressed about] ...the uncertainty of where I might be next year and if I will be able to find a full time job.”

“I am more unsure now than ever. I have no idea what life holds for me at the end of the year as I know it is hard to get employed in the psychology field straight out of uni “

Subjects in school.PNG







With my studies, I didn't really have a 'backup plan' if I didn't get into the courses I wanted to get into”

Juggling many commitments.PNG





“I also don't know how I will juggle my caring responsibilities with study.”






I feel like I'm running out of time. As if I'm on a deadline to finish my studies. I was hoping I could finish in the minimum amount of time but every semester it looks like I will be further extending my studies because I am struggling so much.”

“...there's so much pressure to finish within a certain 'acceptable' time period”


competition of study.PNG







“I don't know if I'll get into postgraduate study because it's so competitive.”


unsure of the future.PNG





“Right now i'm a bit unsure about what my plans are for next year. Whether to take a gap year, or study something else....”


“I definitely like to know where I'm headed and like to try to control my future as much as possible.”


“I am a person who always has their life planned out for at least the next year so I am very stressed not knowing what I will do next year. However, it's nice to know I am not alone with these feelings."




Climate change.PNG











Want to hear more about future stress from our young people? Read the full conversation here!




Activity 1: 

  • Is your teen/child stressed about the future?
  • If so, what are the things they are most worried about?



Community Manager

Re: Stress about the Future: How to help your teen

Part 2: What can parents do to support a teen who is stressed about the future?


In Part 1 we heard from young people about what they are stressed about and why. Now lets open the discussion to helpful tips to use when your teen is stressed. 


There are some great suggestions here about helping your child to develop coping skills for stress, and you can read about ways young people calm themselves when they feel stressed here.


The future can be a point of significant stress for young people. So what can you do if your teen is stressed about the future, how can you help?


Activity 2: 


  • If your teen has been stressed about the future how have you supported them?
  • What has worked well for you and your teen when dealing with stress?