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Swearing teenager

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Swearing teenager

Hi Everyone. I have a 14 going on 15 year old son. He has lately started expressing some rage with swearing..lots of f's and best. He has unfortunately used this at school and has now been suspended. I have spoken to him several times to understand him and he says he gets frustrated and angry. The school tends to pick on him for almost every little thing, he attends this particular school for a specialist program which he was removed from because he get into trouble all the time. (Talking in class, disruptive, not handing work in) he has since then tried very hard to redeem himself by not getting tiny trouble but recently he was with his group of friends who were involved in dacking another child however this was not my son, but because he was present at the time he was questioned and did not want to answer to the school liking. They kept him for several periods until he got frustrated and upset and started to swear. I'm at a loss. Do I change his school to change the company he is hanging around or do I continue to pay $9000 a year to hear how **bleep** my child is.

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Re: Swearing teenager

Hi @Workinclassmum,

Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you are in a really difficult position as a parent, as you have done a lot of work to try and understand his behaviour. Seeing as his anger and frustration is causing him issues at school.. have you thought of taking him to a counsellor to help manage these feelings? Do you think this is something he would be open to doing?

It seems like it would be a shame to have to move schools. Have you been able to talk to your son about the next steps? How do you feel about this option? There is no right or wrong answer but sometimes discussing different possibilities can make it easier to deicde.

Please feel welcome to let us know how you are going Heart