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TW: Mark on hand


TW: Mark on hand

I have a concerned that I need advice. My son is 13, a really good kid and does great in school and never a problem. I picked him up the other day and could tell me was upset. When talking to him, he was upset because he threw papers away in school he did not know he needed and received an F. I talked to him calm and said things will happen but the concerning part is I notice a mark on his hand and when I asked, he hesitated but said he was frustrated because of the F. It took a while to get that out of him. I still talked calmly but told him that was not acceptable. I said it is ok if I be mad. I told him scream in a pillow, fight the air, talk to one of us (he has several loving family members even if he doesn’t want to talk to me) but it is not acceptable to do that. I never yelled And tried to be calm. Can someone please tell me if I did alright and do I need to worry? Thank you so much for any advice


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Hey @Sunshine74 , I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through with your son lately. It sounds like it was quite upsetting for you to hear about how your son harmed himself. It also sounds like his grades mean a lot to him and that he was quite upset at receiving an F. It is great that you talked with your son about his harming behaviour and how there are other strategies that he can use to regulate his emotions that don’t involve harming himself. Sounds like you care a lot about your son and are supportive of him and his needs.


If you are still feeling concerned about your son’s behaviour, you might find talking to some of the staff members at his school, such as his teacher or the school counsellor to be helpful. The counsellor may also be able to talk with your son if this is something you and your son would find to be helpful. It sounds like your son harmed himself a few days ago, but I still wanted to check in with you and ask whether you have any concerns about your son’s current safety?


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