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Teenage Lockdown Fatigue

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Teenage Lockdown Fatigue

HI There,

We live in Greater Sydney and have been in lockdown now for around 2.5 months. Most of this time, we've had no local covid cases. However, due to my acute medical situation, we've been really vigilant since covid first appeared in Australia, and both our teens have been very compliant. However, over the last week my 15 year  daughter has been going out for a drive with her friend now and then. Her family and ours are both very careful and my husband and I are both double vaccinated. However, the rules are the rules, and with my health issues, I'm a strong advocate for sticking with them. At the same time, my daughter has some ongoing health issues of her own and her boyfriend broke up with her last weekend. While they're allowed to go exercising together, I'm not as keen for them to go walking at night and they are feeling caged in. Her friend is doing year 12 and they are both young carers and I can well understand the need for a break. 

I just wondered if other parents are finding their teen's compliance is  wearing off and some suggestions for improvement. I am also concerned that she's putting me at risk. She is getting vaccinated on Friday so that's a relief. 

It's hard too because the cases of covid have increased significantly after we've been in lockdown. So, as lockdown fatigue is intensifying, the numbers are also at their peak. It's a tough one. 

I'd appreciate some suggestions.

Best wishes,



Re: Teenage Lockdown Fatigue


Hello @Birdwings , I am sorry to hear about how long you and your family have been in lockdown for. I can’t imagine how hard things have been for you, especially considering that you have been vigilant as you are understandably concerned about your physical health. It really sucks that you have been finding yourself getting worried as your daughter’s compliance has been wearing off. It sounds like you are quite close with your daughter and supportive of her. Have you been able to have a talk with her about you being a bit concerned about her compliance? Do you think it might be helpful to discuss this with her and maybe consider some alternatives where your daughter is still able to get the social support but in a more compliant way so that you are left feeling a bit more relieved?