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Teenage problem

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Teenage problem

Hello I really need help I have a teenage boy who is 14 its like I don't recognize my son at all with his anger that never cool down sometimes I feel that I'm not good mother that how it feels and any time I ask what going let out what u feel what going on he never express its like his anger he deal with us please give me advice or tips I can help him thank u 🙏

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Hi @Mimi80 

Thank you for sharing a bit about your situation with us. It sounds like it has been a difficult time trying to support your son to manage his anger lately. I am sorry to hear that this makes you feel like a bad mother at times. From reading your post I get the sense that you are a very caring parent who is trying their best to understand why your son might be behaving this way, so that you can support him the best you can.

I thought it might be helpful to share some articles we have on managing teenagers' anger. We have info on teens and anger here, and there are tips for managing anger here, here and here

We also had a professional answer a question about anger management, which you can read here. You might find some more helpful tips there. 

Please bear in mind when accessing these resources that we are an Australian-based organisation, so the resources may not be the best for international members. 

Supporting someone who has anger outbursts can be really difficult and exhausting. Have you got any support for yourself at the moment? Such as a friend, family member or counsellor who you can speak things through with? 

Please don't forget to take care of your own well-being during this time Smiley Happy

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Re: Teenage problem

I can help you with this

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Re: Teenage problem

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Hi @SamsonAdams,

Thanks for reaching out and offering support to @Mimi80

Just a friendly reminder to please ensure you are following the Community Guidelines as outlined here when offering support to others in the community Heart