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Virtual Outpatient Program

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Virtual Outpatient Program

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any experience with an intensive outpatient program for dealing with anxiety/depression in a virtual setting? I've done cognitive behavioral therapy in the past, but lately, my anxiety has been getting worse. I heard about a virtual outpatient program, but I'm just not sure whether it will be best for me. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Dear @mariadavis 


Thank you for raising this topic. An outpatient program in a virtual setting sounds like a great idea, especially with the current COVID situation. It's good that you're really considering whether it's suitable for you or not. It might be worth talking to your GP or therapist to determine whether it best suits your needs. Please do let us know what you end up deciding, and if you do decide to do the program, let us know how it went!


Just so you're aware, I've removed the link you shared. Sharing links, especially to particular services, is against our guidelines. Please feel free to read more about our guidelines here