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Weight and nasty comments

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Weight and nasty comments

I am a first time poster and not sure where to ask help or who to refer.My 9 year old boy is taller than average kid and is on borderline obese category (not slim but not heavy weight either in between to be presice) Grade 2 he was commented on his height and not in grade 3 ,kids in bus aswell as in School say him"fat guy"
It breaks my heart.I try my best to gather his courage and go to school
Today I got call from school that a younger class kid has called him fat in front of whole class and these are teachers words"he stood blank for good 2-3mins"
My tears are nonstop rolling and I don't know what I can do to protect my child.Help me what should I do?
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Re: Weight and nasty comments

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Hey @soulB,


I am so so deeply sorry to hear that both your son and yourself are going through such a difficult time at the moment. Bullying is an incredibly difficult thing to go through, and it's so unfair that anyone has to experience it. ReachOut has a couple of resources around bullying that might be helpful for you and your son. We have a page on bullying at school, that details some strategies to try, as well as our bullying factsheet, which also lists a bunch of resources that might be helpful for you to look at Heart

Let us know if you find these helpful!