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My 14yo daughter was shopping with some friends when i got a call from her to ask me to pick her up. Her friends were shoplifting and one girl tried to put a shirt in my daughters bag. My daughter was extremely uncomfortable and saud. No if i want a shirt i will buy it. . A shop assistant witnessed her friends and actions and the manager followed them to another store. Thats where my daughter felt she had no choice but to let the manager know what was happening and she didnt feel safe.
My daughter is now extremely worried about returning to school.
Advice please.
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Hi @Anxious_Mum77 

Thank you for reaching out! It sounds like you have a really good relationship with your daughter and it’s great to know that she was able to call you when this happened, it is a real reflection of how supportive you are and how much she trusts you. It must have been a difficult situation for her to be in and it sounds like she handled it really well and did the right thing. It must have been hard to stand up to her friends and I understand how this would add to her concerns with seeing her friends again at school. I have included an article about talking about bad friendships along with one around peer pressure. I was wondering if you felt comfortable speaking to the school to raise your concerns and see if they could offer any support?