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Year 7 son always suspended from school

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Year 7 son always suspended from school


Year 7 son always suspended from school

My son is 12 years old, a young year 7.
He started highschool well in 1st term, but then due to medical reasons struggled to keep up with work and making friendships.
Come 2nd term it was a spiral. Getting on trouble weekly then suspended almost weekly and behavioural reports sent home daily. I've reached out to the school and go as I expressed my worries about changed behaviours that are definetly not normal for him. Now we are faced with a school that has labled him a trouble child and have been fighting them for months because they want to remove him from the mainstream setting. He wants to be at school and hates when he is suspended but I don't know what to do I feel like the school hates him and want to wipe their hands as does he.

Help im a single mum doing an adult apprenticeship and working ful time it's soo hard
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Re: Year 7 son always suspended from school

Hi @Mumma_of_Two, welcome to the ReachOut community!

Thank you for sharing a bit about what you are going through at the moment.

I’m so sorry to hear about the challenges your son is facing both medically and with his schooling. I can’t imagine how challenging this journey has been for both you and your son. It’s clear that you care deeply about your his well-being, and want nothing more than to be able to provide the support he deserves. I also wanted to acknowledge the strength it takes to navigate this as a single mum, especially with such a demanding schedule.

Witnessing a child go through such changes in behaviour would be incredibly distressing and concerning as a parent. Do you feel comfortable to share more about the shifts you’ve noticed? Understanding what your son is experiencing might help us to provide more appropriate or specific information or resources to help you and your son.

In addition to your support, I am curious to know whether there are any other family members or other parent involved?
It’s utterly disheartening to hear that your concerns haven’t been fully addressed by the school. Throughout all of these experiences, have they offered any specific resources or strategies to assist him during this challenging time? Such as provided access to a school counsellor or an external well-being support service?

As a single mom juggling an adult apprenticeship and full-time work, all while supporting your son through this challenging time, I am wondering what support systems you have in place for yourself? Its crucial to prioritise your own well-being too!