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anxiety in pre teen

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anxiety in pre teen

Hi there my daughter in 12 years and 7 months, started high school this year. She always complain that she feel anxious to speak with other people, she missed a lot of school last year, she even have anxiety to go friends and family's house too, she is quite at outside but she can be very angry with me and my husband, specially when i take her phone or ipad she screams, hit me, throw things and list goes on.

i saw some of the child counsellor and life coach but she doesnt maintain what they guided her. now she is refusing to see any counsellor too. she was good student before but now she hates study and school. i really dont know what to do with her. 

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Re: anxiety in pre teen

Hi @suhamoni, thanks for sharing. What your family is going through sounds really difficult. It must be really upsetting to see your daughter withdraw from school and family activities. It can be so challenging to be a parent and to watch your child struggle with mental health issues. Irritability is commonly associated with anxiety which can cause people to lash out as they often feel overwhelmed with worry. I am wondering if you know why your daughter is feeling anxious?

It is really great that you have talked to a counsellor and a life coach but it is unfortunate that your daughter doesn't action their advice. Do you know why that is? You aren't the only parent who has felt this way - it is common for young ones to disengage from therapy. I imagine that this must take a toll on your own wellbeing. Have you thought of seeing a counsellor to get some support for yourself? They might also have some strategies for keeping your daughter engaged with the advice she has recieved from her counsellors.

Most of all, we are here to listen and help in any way that we can Heart