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best auditory therapy for 13 yo boy

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best auditory therapy for 13 yo boy


best auditory therapy for 13 yo boy


my 13 year old son has great difficulty answering questions, he mixes pronouns (I,you) and doesn't want to talk with us.

Our doctor recommend to start auditory therapy to help him calm down and encourage his brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively.

Right now I'm searching for more information. I found this page about sensory therapies but whoa, there is too much news Smiley Happy please, help.




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Re: best auditory therapy for 13 yo boy

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Hi @MargaretMary


Welcome to ReachOut Parents! We're thrilled you found us.


Hearing and speaking issues in teenagers can be so concerning. It's almost impossible not to freak out when something crops up that might get in the way of their ability to learn.

How have you been feeling about it all? Have you got anyone you can talk to about it?


PS - I did a tiny edit on your post and removed the link. If you have a look here at the guidelines, that should clarify things. Or feel free to ask.