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i miss my daughter


i miss my daughter

yes im a heart broken mom my daughter said she didnt want any contact with me and yes she is an adult guess cant do much but give her time and give space as well , being told and advice to reach out but i feel i need to respect her decision regardless how painful it is

Re: i miss my daughter

Hey @tobilly91110088


I can't imagine how difficult your situation must feel right now. It is incredibly difficult to not be able to share and communicate with those we are closest to. I think your idea to give your daughter some time and space is not a bad plan at all, as we all sometimes need a little space to be able to process our thoughts and feelings about a given issue. As long as your daughter knows that you love her and will support her, I am sure there is a chance that she will want to reconnect with you in the future.


I just wanted to check in with you, how are you coping at the moment? Sometimes in periods of great stress like this, we can forget to take care of ourselves. I was wondering if you had any supports or contacts you could lean on?

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