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5 year old and weapon play- should I be worried?

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5 year old and weapon play- should I be worried?


5 year old and weapon play- should I be worried?

Hello! While not a parent myself, I am a daycare provider. I'm a little concerned about the almost 5 year old boy I watch. He has always been really big into "shooters" (what he calls guns) and swords. I know this is normal especially in young boys. He would just swing a stick around outside and "slash" bushes and grass so I wasn't concerned and just remind him that we don't hit people or animals. But then it morphed into hitting our cat with sticks (we had to take the cat to the vet for an injured eye and were told it was due to blunt force trama like running into a tree. But we suspect it was the boy who hit him), to hitting his brother who was 6 months old the time this started.

It got even more concerning when during nap time, I left to use the bathroom and came back to the older boy lifting his baby brother out of his play pen by the back of his shirt. When I asked why he did it (I asked if he was trying to play, if the baby was crying and he wanted to help, or if he was being mean) he told me he wanted to be mean to the baby.

I let their mom know and she said he had been doing similar things at home. The next day the baby came in with a bruise on his face and their mom told me the 5 year old had punched the baby.

After that I became really strict about his weapon play. I explained to him that He was no longer allowed to make swords or guns and if he did, that toy was going to be taken away.

Each time a toy was taken, I would explain to him how guns and swords hurt people, and it's not kind to hurt others, even if the swords aren't real. I know he definitely understands what he's doing is wrong because he will only do it when my back is turned, and when I ask him what the rule is, he's able to repeat it back to me.

He got creative and would start making "fishing poles" and use them to poke his brother and the cat yelling "I'll cut you!" So now as soon as I see him making anything that resembles a sword or gun, I'm taking toys away. This happens at least twice a day.

I'm not sure if I'm being over cautious? I'm just concerned because he is also agressive in other ways. Shoving the baby, pushing him over when he's standing up, throwing things at his brother and the cat, hitting him, and on top of that, using Legos to shoot or stab him.

He will be going to kindergarten in September and I know for a fact that this type of play is not allowed at his school. So I'm really trying to improve this issue before then. Thanks everyone in advance!

Re: 5 year old and weapon play- should I be worried?

Hi @Rose_52 

Thanks for posting this, I understand this is a pretty concerning situation and you must be feeling quite worried so good on you for getting some support around this Smiley Very Happy

I would definitely recommend reaching out to a professional service like a child protection or family service near you for some advice, is there a service in your area that you know of that might be able to support you?


I'm wondering as well if you know whether you know if the family has had any supports around this issue?

It's really good that you have been able to be so proactive about ensuring the safety of the children and talking to the family about it, you clearly really care about these kids and want to do what is best for them Heart