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ADHD in a 5 year old boy

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ADHD in a 5 year old boy


Desperately seeking for help!
Me and my husband are going insane over our 5 year old boys behaviour.

Doesn't listen
Doesn't do as told
Says horrible mean word like "I hate you"
Laughs when one falls or hurts themselves
Throws and destroys everything in his path
Hits,spits and kicks
Deliberately goes out to hurt family and our pets
Can't play on his own, always needs one of us
Easily bored - even though he's room is filled with many toys and games

The above is examples of when he is the worst. Nothing calms him down. We feel we have tried everything and we as his parents are immensely upset and feel we have failed our son completely. He is our heart and soul.

On the other side when he is "normal" he is the best and sweetest boy in the world. Then he flips just like that and it's like the devil has possessed him.

I ask him what happened, he responds that he doesn't know.

I'm trying some natural drops for focusing and it did help at first but not anymore.

He is very popular, easily makes friend. Intelligent and got a great imagination.

What is happening to our precious son, he is only 5 years old!!!!

Please help!!!

Thank you very much in advance
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Re: ADHD in a 5 year old boy

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Hi @Mooshi28, welcome to our online community and thank you for sharing with us today!

I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through so much recently with your 5-year-old. I can only imagine how stressful and exhausting this must be for both yourself and your husband.

Firstly, I want to say that you have not failed your son. The fact that you are putting yourself out there to learn more and to identify what's going on, just shows what a good parent you are.

If you are interested in having a bit of a read, The Raising Children's Network has a number of great articles and what you can do to help.

I am also wondering what supports you have around you right now. Is there someone that you feel comfortable talking to about this? It could be a friend or family member, or perhaps even a health professional.

Don't forget that you are important too. What kind of nice things do you do for yourself when things get hard?

We are all here for you.