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Am I fair

I am married and have two 3-4 yrs & the other 3-6 months.. My older son sometimes scratch , hit me and even I say no he continues. At the start I talk with my wife implement naughty corner and she refuses any such thing. Now my son always want to watch TV, Youtube on TV and keep scratching, hitting me when things are not going on his way...My wife is very loud and always complains on many things..I feel she does not show any respect to me most of the times. My mother in law is with us to help care the kids mainly the little one. I work full time while my wife works one day a week. My wife always complains about difficulty of caring two kids when I am office.. Specially if one kid is sick these complains goes high.. Even though she is home most of the time, she waits until I home and needs me to put the bins out & take them inside...I clean all the kitchen benches every night and tidy up living area and vacuum carpet every night. My son through foods on carpet, spill drinks on carpet..not properly toilet trained yet..I feel really upset about his behavior and my wife's behavior too. I am not sure If I am unfair or something else..

Any ideas for me to be a better parent & husband?

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Thank you for reaching out and sharing this with us.

It sounds like you’ve been experiencing a challenging time at home at the moment and are wanting to make things better.

I know that you mentioned that your son will sometimes cause physical harm to you and that you have tried disciplining him but that your wife does not agree with you about this. I was wondering if perhaps you have spoken to her about how you could address this situation?

Our service focuses on supporting parents with teenagers, so we are unable to provide specific advice but it would be best to speak to a GP about this and any concerns you may have around your son’s behaviour. You could also have a look at the raisiningchildrens network which provides some really great information and resources about children for each age which you may find helpful. They even have some information about behaviour for toddlers.

I know that you also mentioned that your wife has expressed the difficulties she experiences whilst caring for your children whilst you are at work. I was wondering if you have tried to talk to her about this to try and share your perspective, as well as hearing her perspective in order to better understand each other, and find a way to support each other better?

I also wanted to share another service with you called Relationships Australia that you could also look into. They too have really great resources about healthy relationships as well as information about relationships and parenting. Do you think that this might be helpful?

Thank you again for sharing this with us.