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Developmental Assessment for 6 year old

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Developmental Assessment for 6 year old


Developmental Assessment for 6 year old

Has anyone had their child's school teacher suggest they get a developmental assessment in kindergarten for ADHD or any other type of attendition deficit disorder and have it come back with nothing?

My child's teacher has mentioned that my child gets distracted easily in class, struggles to maintain focus at times and is forgetful with belongings. Academically, my child is at the top of the class and so the teacher has recommended I have an IQ test done also.

I'm just a little reluctant to have this assessment done as I feel that my kindergartener may grow out of these things over time
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Re: Developmental Assessment for 6 year old

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Hi @dhm1989 


Thanks for sharing what's happening for you and your 6 year old at the moment. I'm wondering if the teacher that suggested the developmental assessment was able to give you information about what the outcomes would be if your child was diagnosed?


I'm also wondering if you have been able to chat to your GP or another professional to get their opinion?


Raising Children's Network has some really great information about ADHD and getting a diagnosis that might be helpful as well. How are you feeling about what the teacher has mentioned?