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Feeling used by my 14yo daughter.

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Feeling used by my 14yo daughter.

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Feeling used by my 14yo daughter.

Feeling very used by my teenage daughter. She refuses to help with any daily chores, she never goes without. I cannot communicate with her unless it's on her terms. I'm sick of being made out to be the **bleep** when I'm trying to parent. I've been there for her in her darkest moments even when she's broken my heart. Does anyone else feel the same. I'm drowning.

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Re: Feeling used by my 14yo daughter.

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Hey @Anxious_Mum77 

It sounds like things are really overwhelming for you and your daughter at the moment, it's great that you've reached out for some support. 

I imagine feeling like you can't communicate with your daughter would be really draining. I'm wondering if you have any friends or family you can chat to about how you're feeling? Or if either of you have any support from a therapist at all? You may also find some tips in this article that may help the communication between you and your daughter going forward.

I'm going to send an email to you also, please look out for that coming your way soon.